Promotion Update:  We're excited to hear that Shiloh is extending this amazing promotion in to 2013.  It has been a huge success for us and an amazing deal to our clients!  We can offer our clients the high end, custom look of INSET doors for the price of a mid-range cabinet, like KraftMaid.  Once only privvy to the luxury market, inset doors can now be in a mid-range budget remodel.  Hurry in today to take advantage of this promotion.  

Now, for a limited time, you can enhance your cabinets with a classic, antique look. Beaded inset cabinet doors add character and depth to your cabinets and are now available for the same price as standard overlay doors! This offer is available only for Shiloh Cabinetry, a quality, custom-cabinet fabricator in business since 1977.

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The Kitchen Place provided outstanding workmanship and service in 1994 when they put in our new kitchen and they are still attentive to the needs of their customers fourteen years later. I'd choose the Kitchen Place again. Thank you, Kelly!

-Lois Christel
Springfield, OH


D. Michal
Xenia, OH

I got a call from a woman who wanted to know my thoughts about Kitchen Place. They were a kind of referral company. I told her all kinds of bad things about my experiences with you... haha. Actually I told her I am not the easiest customer and can be demanding and pretty direct with what I like and don't like. And that you were great to work with on every project. I said lots more...but it was all very positive.